Harmonist: Dayoriah Clan Infiltration

Harmonist is a stealth coffee-break roguelike game. The game has a heavy focus on tactical positioning, light and noise mechanisms, making use of various terrain types and cones of view for monsters. See the Features section below for a more comprehensive description, look into the screenshots for a quick glimpse, or jump into Play section to download the game or try it in the browser.

Your friend Shaedra got captured by nasty people from the Dayoriah Clan while she was trying to retrieve a powerful magara artifact that was stolen from the great magara-specialist Marevor Helith.

As a gawalt monkey, you don't understand much why people complicate so much their lives caring about artifacts and the like, but one thing is clear: you have to rescue your friend, somewhere to be found in this Underground area controlled by the Dayoriah Clan. If what you heard the guards say is true, Shaedra's imprisoned on the eighth floor.

You are small and have good night vision, so you hope the infiltration will go smoothly...

introduction screen introduction screen



First, be sure to look at this beautiful fanart by Zyalin!

Wandering in the dungeon (v0.4):

introduction screen

Examining positions and reading descriptions (v0.4-dev):

introduction screen

Inspecting the inventory (v0.4-dev):

introduction screen

Evoking magical magaras (v0.4-dev):

introduction screen

A trailer was released for the first version, but it is quite outdated. See this list for video/music sources.

Features (v0.4)

The game started as a fork of Boohu, but it's now a completely different game. See credits for a non-exhaustive list of influences. The flavor and characters of the game are based on the libre fantasy saga “El ciclo de Shaedra” by kaoseto, from the multilingual kaosfantasy project.

Basic Survival Tips

Harmonist's source code is under the permissive ISC license. Other material is licensed under cc-by. The website does not make use of any cookies.

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